Happy "Valentime’s" Day

The day started with children bringing in their supplies. I mean, Valentines.
But, you also have to wear the appropriate accoutrements, such as this rhinestone studded hat…

rhinestone studded shirt and initial necklace…

and red alabaster necklace over red glossy heart.

One has to play games, such as Bingo, with conversation hearts…

before one can pass out one’s Valentine cards. The homemade ones are my favorite.

Joshua’s holder bears the face of a dog, with an accompaning, “WooF” on the side.

My example pales in comparison.

Most touching are the handmade hearts, taped in place in Great Anticipation of February 14th.

It was a day of great celebration,

as only a child can truly thrill to.

Do you have any memories from your childhood Valentine parties?

17 thoughts on “Happy "Valentime’s" Day

  1. I'm telling you, Madeleine, the kids give such a joy to the tainted-by-adults occasions. They're not yet jaded at this age. Did you celebrate Valentine's Day at school when you were a child?


  2. Looks like so much fun 🙂 Aren't these holidays just the best celebrated with the little ones? You are so fortunate to be able to share the holiday with your classroom! They are a lucky group of 3rd Graders!Happy Valentine's Day 🙂


  3. Your post brought back some wonderful grade school memories. I remember making the pockets to hold all of our valentines. It was such fun to play with paper and glitter and glue! And the lovely sugary snacks — pink and red cupcakes, cookies, etc.


  4. Robin, did you have a party in your room? These carryings-on are discouraged by the authorities now, but I still try to mark the holiday for the children. One mother actually called and thanked me because the children do so little celebrating in school. It's practically all curriculum based measurement tests. The Chic GEek, Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!Terri B., my grade school memories weren't so wonderful. I remember the teacher holding a contest for who could create the funniest box, prettiest box, and most unusual box. I worked so hard on mine, and of course it didn't win. So, with my classes, we all make them at school and I encourage them to decorate them as they choose. Pink and red cupcakes: YUM! I still haven't outgrown my fondness for those.


  5. Such a happy & fun post! I really don't have any specific memories of one single Valentine's Day celebration, but I know they were one of the highlights of elementary school.In honor of the day, I read Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine, which I then sent off to our granddaughter for VDay. Hope you're having a lovely day!


  6. Junie B. is hilarious!!! One of my favorite child characters. We've been reading The Weird School series by Dan Gutman because he made a guest appearance speaking at our district. He said that A.J., the main character of the series, is modeled after Junie B. Jones for boys. Still, Junie reigns in my opinion.I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, Les. Thanks for being my friend.


  7. A great picture tour of Valentine's Day! Memories? Yes, and all good. We were very into decorating shoe boxes to "receive" our Valentines, in class. There was something wonderful about all those tiny envelopes that valentines (if store bought) came in. I guess it was the anticipation of finding the valentine inside and wondering who it might be from. It was all so silly and wonderful.Two days ago, as I looked over the Valentine's I would be giving, I found myself drawing on the cards, putting asterisks and notes and slipping pictures and old memorabilia into the cards (for my husband, Kidz and mom.) Yup, a little sentimental hangover from the old days.Honestly, the kids in your pictures with their jewelry and teeshirts were so sweetly sincere.I do miss teaching. (husband and I both decamped and went to the corporate scene.) Thank goodness our kids and their friends help us keep it "real!"


  8. Oh, your comment makes me so happy. I'm glad that you and I can relate with the same memories: the white envelopes so fun to open, even the little conversation hearts which taste like hardened toothpaste are somehow special on February 14th. I think the kids help keep us young, help remind us how to celebrate, show us about keeping joy. "Thank goodness our kids and their friends help us keep it real"…amen!


  9. I had a lovely Valentine's Day, Bellezza. My hubby brought red roses to me at work on Friday! I gave him a bottle of Maker's Mark, some cookies (Nilla Wafers), and a book about Churchill (Churchill and the Jews). All in all, it was a wonderful celebration.I'm just popping back over here to tell you how much I love your new header! Makes me sigh with contentment.Thank you for being my friend, too!


  10. In retrospect, there's so much I could have added to this post. I was too tired to process the day clearly, but I wanted to write about how Akhil wrote in one of his Valentines, "I have nothing to say. I don't like you. You got me in trouble and made me sit by myself." Or…I could have written about how Timothy smacked Hailey on the way back to the classroom after the Jumprope For Heart fundraiser in the gym. When asked why on earth he did such a thing, he said, "I couldn't help myself. My hand just reached out."It was a long day, and as you can see, not quite as full of love as one would hope. But, these children need to learn that love isn't all pink and candy. Sometimes, there's disappointment involved.Lesley, I'm glad you like the new header. It's here to stay until I get the Italian patio up to snuff again.


  11. Oh what fun! I remember the parties my elementary school used to have. My mom would always bake something and we'd all go home with huge sacks of stuff (almost 30 kids to a classroom and every kid's parent brings something).


  12. Happy Valentines, Bellezza. When I was in third grade we took old shoe boxes and covered them with red/pink paper for our friends to deposit valetines. I'm sure if I dug around mom's house, I'd be able to find a few from back then. It was definitely a fun holiday back then (still is, but not in the same way).


  13. Ladytink, my mom baked things, too. Usually we all had a cupcake and a juice, or cookies and juice. Now, everything has to be store bought, and it loses a lot of the charm.Trish, I remember decorating shoe boxes, too! The hardest part for me was cutting the little slot in the lid for the Valentines to go in. I miss the old cards from the 1960's. They were so sweet. But, now, the kids have a lot more freedom to make their own.


  14. I'm so sad about how some administrators wish to do away with these childhood traditions. Of course, we've kept the Daddy Daughter Dance, where girls get their nails and hair done to go out with their father…what will they do at prom? Or, their weddings, if they've had such grand celebrations at age eight? But, I digress. I loved the Valentine party as much as the kids.


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