Japanese Literature Challenge 2: Prizes Are Coming!

Behold the prizes for the Japanese Literature Challenge 2. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.) Because they are assembled into a collage, I’ll list them separately below:

  1. two paperbook books by Miyuke Miyabe: All She Was Worth and Crossfire,
  2. two CDs of music: The Very Best of Japanese Music and Ryuko Mizutani’s “Vista” which is contemporary koto music,
  3. a DHC catalog (which is the number 1 selling skincare in Japan) and 14 samples including a full size bar of their Extra Mild Olive soap,
  4. a Japanese cookbook and a little black dish made with a real Japanese Maple leaf,
  5. a spiral notebook featuring The Wave, a package of 10 cards and envelopes of Toyokuni’s work, and a package of froggie origami bought at the Art Institute of Chicago,
  6. an extremely difficult to find work of Haruki Murakami’s: Hear The Wind Sing, written when he was in college, along with two buttons.
  7. AGH! I forgot to photograph Coin Locker Babies! That’s one of the prizes, too.

So, are you ready to throw your name into the pot? If you’ve read three Japanese works, please leave a comment below. You have until January 30 to finish the Challenge; I can’t wait to hear from you!

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16 thoughts on “Japanese Literature Challenge 2: Prizes Are Coming!

  1. I did read 3 books, and I'm almost done with my 4th. And I still haven't lost hope of fitting in a Murakami before the end of the month. Can you tell I don't want the challenge to end? :PThose are amazing prizes, Bellezza!


  2. Nymeth, I feel the same way as you do: I don't want the challenge to end! I had every intention of reading ALL of the Haruki Murakami's I've bought, and I only completed one. But, I am happy with getting to Basho, Ryu Murakami, and Miyabe. Can I assume there will be sufficient interest in a Japanese Literature Challenge 3? 🙂 I'm glad you like the prizes, too.


  3. Brittanie, I think that what made me love it began with origami. Isn't that weird? But, I was so entranced with the beautiful paper folding objects that I wanted to know more about their literature. Then, the more I read, the more I wanted to read and understand. It's a whole new culture for me, and I've always loved learning about other points of view. (I have a passion for Russian literature that's stood since I was in my teens.) I haven't read The Remains of The Day, yet, but yes, it is Japanese. It won the Booker Prize in 1989, so it would be a good choice for any number of challenges this year: Lost In Translation, Book Awards 11, Japanese Literature Challenge 3… 🙂


  4. Those are such incredible prizes Bellezza!! You find the coolest stuff! I did indeed read 3 books: Mateki: The Magic Flute by Yoshitaka Amano, In the Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami, and After Dark by Haruki Murakami. It would be tough to really choose, but I think my favorite was the Ryu Murakami.


  5. Oh my I'm drooling!! 🙂 I have about 150 pages left in Kafka on the shore and hope to finish this weekend. Thank you so much for hosting this challenge! I've loved every aspect of it.


  6. Chris, I've heard such good things about In The Miso Soup. Did you find it as violent as I thought Coin Locker Babies was? I'll have to read it myself; it's funny, the more the challenge draws to a close, the more Japanese works I want to read! Trish, I was wondering if you would finish Kafka on The Shore. I'm counting on you, and the two weeks you have left, to finish it. I can't wait to talk about it with you…that book has left so many questions in my mind, and it's one I'm definitely going to reread (especially as one of my book clubs picked it at my suggestion, and I'm the leader!).


  7. I finished my three:A Pale View of Hills by IshiguroAll She Was Worth by MiyabeAfter Dark by MurakamiOnly the last one wasn't fab, and it had good parts, just as a whole I felt lost. I really like Miyabe's mysteries.What amazing prizes you have there! very generous


  8. In the Miso Soup was extremely violent and gruesome at times and overtly sexual at other times…but it was such a fantastic book that took itself very seriously. Loved it. Lots of books with tons of sex and violence don't amount to much of anything, but in this story, none of the sex and violence was there "just because". it all added up to how you looked at and perceived one of the characters. It was good. Real good. And there better be a Japanese Reading Challenge 3!!! I'm counting on you Bellezza!


  9. Oooo, cool collage!!! Very cool way to present this stuff.I have read 4 books, 3 Murakami and Out as well. All were fantastic and I most likely would not have gotten to them yet without the encouragement of this challenge. Thanks!!!


  10. I've finished three books; written one review; two more reviews are coming before the 31st!I would be very interested in a Japanese Literature Challenge 3.Have fun in Naples. Not sure of your birthdate so … Happy Birthday!


  11. G'day. It's Australia Day Weekend, it's hot and I'm reading my fifth Japanese Lit piece before the end of the month. I've read After Dark, Sputnik Sweetheart, Underground (all H Murukami), I've also read The Bells of Nagasaki, and now I'm reading Miyabe's The Devil's Whisper. I bought Kafka on the shores yesterday, but cant see myself getting it read before Jan 30th – but the JLC2 has certainly got me hooked! The prizes look 'bonza' however I feel I've already been treated to a beautiful Murukami Diary by Bellezza! thanks. PS I like the new signature!


  12. I just posted my wrapup here and left a comment at the challenge site, but thought I'd stop by here as well. I ended up reading 4 books during the challenge. The prizes are lovely! I'm especially eyeing the CDs, but Coin Locker Babies would be fantastic too! ;)Thanks for being a wonderful host, Bellezza! I also hope that there will be a Japanese Literature Challenge 3.


  13. Tanabata, I keep finding things I've bought and laid away for prizes. One of them is your beautiful calendar. Someone will be very lucky to get that (I have one of my own, too.) I'm pretty sure I'll host a Japanese Literature Challenge 3 as there seems to be interest in it from several people. That makes me happy.


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