Book Bloggers Christmas Swap

It has been such a delight to participate in The Book Bloggers Christmas Swap. By signing up, on time this year!, I was able to have a blogger friend to gift (Bookfool), and one to receive gifts from (Isabel). If you go to the link, you will find posts about all the gifts which have been flying through the mail to one another’s homes.
This is my package from Isabel. She so kindly included a book of haiku for me, but it is not the traditional Japanese haiku; instead, these are from a Scottish writer. They’ve been so fun to read, opening my eyes to a whole new style. Also included were the beautiful Christmas card and a postcard of a Japanese flower arrangement. So lovely; I’ll use it as a bookmark.

But, my favorite part of the gift were these hand tatted gifts. One is the cross (could there be a better Christmas gift?!) and one is a ring. The amount of detail involved in these two pieces is just breathtaking.

So, I thank you Isabel, for your thoughtful gifts and beautiful handiwork. It was great to be on the receiving end!

6 thoughts on “Book Bloggers Christmas Swap

  1. What a perfectly lovely idea … have been working and therefore missed a lot in blogworld but may even invent something for Spring, based on what your blogging group is doing to celebrate the holidays.And I MISS those Scholastic Book orders and kudos to you for making those lovely gift bags for your class – those are some fortunate students!


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