What’s This? A Package? From Japan?!

When my husband brought in the mail today, he said, “I think you have a Secret Admirer. Tell me who it is so I can kick his ass.”

Fortunately, the package was not from a Secret Admirer but from the lovely Tanabata. Who surely knows I have a passion for all things Japanese.

Inside is lovely origami paper, which I can NEVER find here…

bookmarks which I will teach myself how to fold…also, I’ll probably give a few away in the prize packages wrapping up the Japanese Literature Challenge 2…

a notebook, pencil and bookmarks from Hiroshima and the 1,000 Cranes Project…

(a close up of the bookmarks…)

and the most lovely letter you can imagine.

Tanabata, thank you for the special surprise. Thank you for sending me a piece of Japan along with your thoughtfulness.

17 thoughts on “What’s This? A Package? From Japan?!

  1. Bookfool, back at ya~:) Our dear Samantha is having her claws removed. She's been at the vet from Friday morning until Monday morning; they called today and one paw is still bleeding so they're keeping her over the weekend. I can't believe it. Now I've gone and attached myself to a kitty. I miss her something fierce!So, I guess we both like books, the color green, and cats. Go figure~


  2. Bellezza,Poor little Samantha! I've never had a kitty declawed. Hope Samantha feels better, quickly. You'll be so ready to cuddle her by the time she comes back. Books, green, cats and apparently chocolate mints. Those Frango mints taste identical to the mints my parents used to buy as a special treat when we went to Nebraska. Yummm.


  3. CTG, it's good to make you laugh. ;)Bookfool, those chocolate mints are a HUGE Chicago tradition. We had a Chicago store called Marshall Fields, THE store of my mother's and my life (along with most of the women in Illinois) which was bought out by Macy's. Women were cutting their cards in half, they were so mad. Anyway, Fields made their Frango Mints in their own kitchens, and fortunately for Macy's it's the one thing they kept intact. I'm so glad you like them as I do. They're practically in my bloodstream.Tanabata, wasn't that fast?! I was so delighted with the package, first because of it being a complete surprise, secondly because of your thoughtfulness, and thirdly because of loving the contents. They're SO beautiful!Chris, you can appreciate them, too, being a Japanese literature challenge participant. By the way, I'm so happy to participate in YOUR challenge for Dewey. Great job!Trish, I hope you win a bookmark for the Japanese Literature Challenge 2!


  4. What a fabulous gift! Nat is a lovely friend, isn't she? I loved reading this post.Hope your kitty's paws are healing well. We've always had our cats de-clawed. Might seem a bit cruel, but it always provided me with some peace of mind. Well, until Count Frankie decided to start biting instead of clawing. But that's a whole 'nother story that I'd rather not go into. Let's just say we're happy to be dog owners now. 😉


  5. N. Vasillis, thanks for visiting!Nymeth, it truly is a Christmas gift: unexpected and specifically chosen for the recipient. Literary Feline, it's enough to make me want to move to Japan myself!Les, I hope your birthday was delightful. I've been thinking about you all weekend. I can see why one would be a dog owner, they've always been my preference, but dear Samantha…dear, clawless Samantha…I hope she's okay. She worked her way into my heart, that one did. Whereas Count Frankie sounds scary! 😉


  6. WOW how wonderful, what a lovely, lovely thoughtful, fantastic present…you're a wonderful lady to receive this, and the giver, wow what a nice human being…I enjoyed this so much I can't tell you 🙂


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