In Which Another Halloween Is Laid To Rest

It was a good Halloween night.

The patio looked beautiful with pumpkins and paper globes glowing from the tealight within. I was pleased with the jack o’lanterns we’d carved: the mage in the upper right hand corner drawn by my son, the lover of fantasy…

the stars carved by my husband and the cat, copied from a book, which I carved Tueday night.

We had our fair share of Trick-or-Treaters, mostly little kids dressed up as fairies, or Pincesses, or Headless Horseman.

I had a trick instead of a treat when my son came in at 1:20 instead of the requested 12:00 a.m. For an hour and twenty minutes we had no idea where he was, and my anxiety escalated into a nearly full blown panic when we called his girlfriend who said she’d dropped him off at midnight. I still have no real idea where he was, but at least he’s home, now, sleeping.

Time for the last treat of Halloween: to whom will the Murakami diary be sent?

When asked to reveal their favorite work by Haruki Murakami, this is how readers responded:

Molly (Restless Reader) said Kafka On The Shore

m said Alone in The Kitchen With an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking For One and Dining Alone

Madeleine concurred with Kafka On The Shore

Tamara said After Dark

Chris said Norwegian Wood

Mee said also Norwegian Wood

3M said After Dark

and so the winner, drawn out of a pumpkin, of this lovely Murakami diary for 2009 is:


Finally, Carl’s RIP III Challenge also comes to an end. This is the second RIP Challenge I was able to participate in, not having found all you wonderful reader bloggers until late in 2006. At first I opted for Peril the First, being only required to read one spooky piece. Of course, that didn’t last long. I ended up reading the following books for this fabulous autumnal challenge:

1. The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman

2. Wait Til Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn

3. Notes From The Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky

5. All She Was Worth by Miyuke Miyabe

6. The Haunting of Hillside School, a Cabin Creek mystery, read aloud to my class.

7, The Shadow Year by Jeffrey Ford

8. The Yellow House Mystery, a Boxcar Series mystery, also read aloud to my class.

Until next year then, I leave you with a quote from Hamlet:

“Be wary then; best safety lies in fear.” ~ Shakespeare

20 thoughts on “In Which Another Halloween Is Laid To Rest

  1. Your patio and your carvings are just beautiful and so, so creative! Living out of town, with no trick or treaters, and with the children grown, we didn't even have a pumpkin!! Your "trick instead of treat" reminded me of what I was thinking yesterday – all the stages of Hallowe'en with kids. First you take them out and it is all such a wonder, a few years pass and they want to be dropped off at the corner of the street and the parents stay in the car, in still later years they want to go out with only friends, and who knows where. And now, well, one went to costume party at a bar while the other one played in his band at a bar. I'll be interested to know where your sonny was all that time. grrrr. I've been there, dear one.


  2. Oh I hate that when I don't know where they are and I can't find them! Your pumpkins are fabulous. I really need to learn to do this. Ours are still carved by the youngest member of the family. 🙂 Susan


  3. What lovely pumpkins and decorations. We didn't carve pumpkins this year, but I'm usually the one bugging husband to do these things and he didn't say anything about it. When we were picking up our candy late thursday night he did mention it and I told him–too late!! Had a great time passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters anyway–I love this holiday!!


  4. Congrats to Tamara! And great job on all of the RIP reading! You read some great books! I LOVE your pumpkins! They're fantastic 🙂 So much better than the sad little cat that I attempted to carve :/


  5. Ditto everyone above. Love the pumpkins, love the porch and the settings.Tell ya what, though. I love the mother-worry part, concerned when a teenager doesn't come in on curfew.Oh, been there. Been there.


  6. I love your pumpkins, so fun and creative! And well done with your R.I.P. reading!I see from your sidebar you're reading another by Miyabe. I'll be very interested to hear what you think of it.


  7. Thank you, each one, for the comments about enjoying the pumpkins; it's funny how there were never patterns when I was a kid in the 60's. My brother and I just drew a face on our pumpkins with a black Magic Marker (remember those? in gray and black stripes that smelled toxic?) and my father willingly cut what we'd drawn. Those were simple days. The pumpkins weren't as beautiful, but they were fun to create as a family.And, about my son. Apparently, he had a nicotine fit; trying to quit seems harder for him than he thought. So, he just had to walk up to the gas station and buy a pack. At midnight. On Halloween. Goodness sakes, it is only the grace of God, and the encouragement from those of you who've been there, that get me through these times. Quickly, Tanabata: I'm enthralled with Crossfire. I think it's MUCH better than All She Was Worth, and I can't put it down.Joann, when I saw your picture I thought it was one I took of my favorite place in northern Wisconsin. There's a pier stretching to the lake just like in your photo, a balm to my soul.


  8. Thank you sooo much for the prize Diary, I promise to love it…As for Halloween, we don't do it much in Australia. I did go out for a champagne with a friend and all the bar staff were bloody and scary – getting in the mood. However your pumpkins looked great – and very lucky for me too.


  9. Your cat pumpkin is fabulous and I remember days when darling daughter scared me too. They eventually grow out of the "whatever" stage but it takes a while. I love Kafka on the Shore and wish I hadn't missed out on this lottery. Drat. I suppose my lower emotions are showing and I do want to assure all I am happy for the winner. I started a dark, autumnal vampire story and that should distract me from reality for a while.Take care


  10. Joann, it's good to know we can escape to such places, isn't it?Princess Haiku, I'm sorry you missed out on a prize you would have especially liked! I sent an email to all the Japanese literature challenge participants, and I hoped that others would see it in time on this blog. There will be more Murakami prizes, however, before January 30, 2009. Stay tuned! Tell me about your vampire story when you finish it, please.


  11. All the jack-o-lanterns are fabulous, but I especially like your cat. I do not have the patience for that much detail, but I can surely appreciate the time and beauty of the result.Congrats on reading so many spooky tales for the RIP Challenge.


  12. Booklogged, I haven't forgotten about the photo meme you tagged me for; I'm just insanely busy at work right now and haven't had time to write a proper post.By the way, the detail on the cat looks more difficult than it really was. I had to carve that face due to the new kitty my son received from his girlfriend. Which will probably be the picture to answer your meme. 😉


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