Dick Rogers’ Big Bugs

One of my favorite places in our area is the Morton Arboretum. I go there for peace, beauty, and the wondrous sights they’ve often prepared for our enjoyment.

Recently, they’ve had an exhibit of Big Bugs created out of willow, red cedar, and black locust wood by artisan Dick Rogers. As the bugs leave on Saturday, to continue their nation wide tour, I thought I’d display them for you here:

Bugs, birds, and reptiles
my prey may be.
But my name come from
the prayer-like stance you see.
(praying mantis)

Spiders produce silk
to capture a meal,
Prey may struggle,
but it’s stronger than steel.
I’m one of the fastest
insects that you’ll see…
You have to travel
25-35 miles per hour to capture me.
Soldier, engineer,
nurse or queen I’ll be.
Every day I work hard
to benefit my colony.
Colors and spots won’t
tell you my age, oh please!
But looking at them
will reveal my species.
With my legs
I can make a song.
I can jump two feet up
and four feet long.
I’ve got eight legs
and I may be a fighter,
But I have no venom,
so I’m not a true spider.
(Daddy longlegs)
I’m quite like my dragonfly cousins
with many things.
But you can tell us apart
by inspecting our wings.
Flower to flower,
I am a collector.
I get my energy from
pollen and nectar.
My long beak
makes my prey run.
I use it to inject them
with venom.
(assassin bug)
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30 thoughts on “Dick Rogers’ Big Bugs”

  1. I didn't know they were in Denver, Claudia! I did take the photos, and thanks for liking them. As my mother says, "You have to take a lot of photographs to get a few good ones." I crop them on Google's progam called Picasa, and choose the best ones to post.


  2. Those pictures were awesome. I can't wait to show them to my husband when he comes home from work. He's big into bugs. Thanks for stopping by my site as well. Happy TT!


  3. Is there a website that would show where those are going to be? If that one eight-legged creature with no venom is not a spider, what is it? Do you know?So interesting.


  4. Beverly, I don't know their tour schedule. You might want to Google Dick Rogers' Bugs and see if you can find anything. I do know they're heading south as Winter approaches (to stay out of the snow). The eight legged creature is a Daddy Longlegs, which is a spider in our minds, but I guess not correctly termed that. I think I should go through and put every insect's name under its photograph. Glad you liked them!


  5. dearest bellezza,this are the most delightful 'bugs' i have seen! and that is saying much as i am an admitted 'bug-a-phobic.'but even more captivating were your rhythmic couplets that accompanied each photo ….oh i do wish this exhibit would find its way here, so far south of you…to be able to take one's fear and turn it into something golden and beautiful …. an inspiration.thank you ! fondly,Lady Blue


  6. Lady Blue, I'd love to take credit for the little poems under each photograph, but alas, they come from the Arboretum's booklet for kids called "Be A Bug Detective!" I've been interested how so many people who commented here were like, "Bugs? Ew!" and then were amazed at the sculptures. It just shows you how art can change our point of view.


  7. We had Big Bugs on display in my area not too long ago, and I never even thought much about it. Now I'm sorry I didn't go see them when I had the chance :o(


  8. Hey, cool! I just found out The Big Bugs are back,practically in my own backyard…a couple of miles from me, at Garden-in-the-Woods, here in Framingham.


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