On My Bike Today

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Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart.- Coco Chanel

I plan to ride my bike every day for an hour this summer. At least an hour. Because it’s so beautiful out there. Because I need it to lower my cholesterol. Because it’s summer, and I can.

I just got back from taking these pictures. Can you see the female duck and her husband’s head in front of her? (Like she pushed him in to test the water.) Or, the poppies which look like a field in France? Or, the bench sawn out of a fallen tree just inviting you to sit?

Lest you think I’m able to ride in paradise, I’ll show you this picture taken on my ride, because Illinois? In summer? Equals construction:

And, to alleviate you from any notion you may be entertaining that I am a sports enthusiast, here is a picture of my Chanel sunglasses…

…because I may like riding my bike, but I don’t like looking like a dyke.

14 thoughts on “On My Bike Today

  1. I'm planning on riding my bike to and from work a couple of times a week this summer staring next week. It's a pretty pleasant ride and the traffic on the streets in my area declines when schools are not in session.Love the Chanel sunglasses!


  2. I left for work tonight only to find out that the end of my street was blocked off – no traffic. What the heck? Turns out they're working on THE main street in town. I live a block from it and I had no access. None. Talk about having to go out of my way!I'm not really fond of road contruction at the moment…cjh


  3. Ah…next time I'm stressed out I'm just going to come look at those pictures again…instant relaxation. Maybe if I had scenery like that I'd be more motivated to get on a bike myself!


  4. Lovely photo montage. I ride my bike to work and get the pleasure of riding by a lake for a portion of the way and yesterday I saw a mother duck swimming along with her ducklings in tow. I wished I had my camera! Nice bike too btw.


  5. CJ, how did you ever make it home?! I bet you were almost to the point of parking and walking. It's so frustrating when that happens.Chris, I debated whether I'd post one photo at a time, because they're so much clearer that way, but went instead of the collage. It really gives you a grasp of what I saw. Until I hit the construction zone. Or, the blocked trail (which I just went around).Stephanie, my bike is a Specialized Hard (Something, I can't remember right now). It's very good for praire paths, but now I wish I'd bought a hybrid; not thin tires, but not a mountain bike either. It's a tad heavy to pull sometimes, but I hope that's what will help me get in better shape. Aren't the ducks wonderful? I love how they mate for life.


  6. Good for you. I'm with Andi, the construction and sunglasses are a nice touch! :)Lovely collage though. I wish we had some green and somewhere calm near us. I'd love to be able to stop by whenever I wanted. We need to take the train to go to any of the gardens we take pictures at.


  7. Andi, it's so funny how I like biking but not getting all sweaty and gross looking. I'm probably the only biker in Illinois with nice sunglasses and lipstick! The green is very soothing to my heart. I'd miss a climate which was without it in Summer, or snow in Winter. Tanabata, that must be a challenge having to take the train without the freedom to stop where/when you wish. However, you have such lovely views (and photographs) of Japan!


  8. Oooh, I love the photo collage! I haven't been on my bike in over a year. I tend to walk a lot instead. I go for a 30-minute walk with Annie Dog as soon as I get home from work (mid-day) and again for maybe two 15-minutes walks in the evening with hubby and Annie (before and after dinner). Might be fun to get the bike out, though. Especially as it starts to get too hot for those mid-day walks.


  9. Thanks, Carl. I'm sure I'll post more pics especially as summer progresses. Les, I'd love to walk more but my feet don't permit it. I need to keep the pressure off of them as much as possible (remember my surgery last year?) and so biking is the perfect answer. Still, my husband and I walk Henry Dog (what a cute name: Annie Dog!) after dinner just like you and yours.


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