Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name

This is the novel that one of my Book Clubs is reading for May.

It has excellent reviews, and it won the Kate Chopin (of The Awakening fame) award in literature.

I’d never heard of it until it was recommended by a member of the club who is the recipient of an amazing literature catalog called Bas Bleu. (Click on the link to go to their site; they are a retailer, not a publisher, of wonderful books and all things ‘bookish’.)

Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name is a fascinating book written through the point of view of a woman who, upon learning of the death of her father, discovers much more about the life that she thought she had.

She follows clues, and her mother’s trail, to Lapland where the native people, called Sami, live. She stays in a place called the Ice Hotel, made entirely of ice and snow. She sleeps on a bed covered with reindeer hides, rides in ‘scooters’ which we call snowmobiles, and learns just what you can do with a past you never expected was yours.

It’s a fascinating premise and a beautifully written book.

15 thoughts on “Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name”

  1. New to your blog. What a good one you have. Avid book reader and having been a teacher myself, I was drawn in to all that you said. Can't wait to read this latest book… KC


  2. I used to get Bas Bleu in the mail, but I've never ordered from it. Perhaps that's why I haven't seen it in a while. Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name sounds like an interesting novel. Not sure it's my cuppa, but it sounds unique. Did you read it for a face-to-face club?


  3. Welcome, K.C. I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about with reading and teaching in common! I'll be by to visit you.Les, I'd almost like a subscription if I didn't get more mail than I can handle already. Probably looking at it on line is the best choice for me right now. This novel was short, and definitely unique. I read it for a face to face club (I love that phrase!), so I'll let you know what others have to say about it next week. In fact, I could send you my copy if you wish.


  4. How very interesting. I do still get the catalog I think. Not sure. I ordered some books from them at one point but not in a long time. I was fascinated by the hotel built of ice and snow. I'll have to see about this book.


  5. Thanks for the offer, Bellezza, but I think I'll pass on the book. I have SO many in my stacks that I feel guilty about taking one that may sit for a year or two! I'll see if we have it at the library and give it a page or two to see if it strikes my fancy. Thanks anyway!


  6. sounds wonderful ….. i have a stack on the floor i'm attempting to wade through before i must pack them …. most of them SHOULD be just funny chick flix with happy endings because i just cannot handle anything else at the moment ……but of course i pick up Jane Smiley's Ten Days in the Hills …thinking it will be a nice, satirical take on Hollywood … umm – right, lady blue. Remember she wrote A Thousand Acres which made you cry for weeks….. or how about Barn Blind? sigh …. now i'm hooked – can't give her up …..xxlady blue


  7. Kay, the Ice Hotel was one of my favorite parts. How cool is that? (So to speak.)Les, I feel your pain.Lady Blue, A Thousand Acres was SO upsetting! A few books like that, including The House of Sand and Fog, are memorable in their tales of sorrow and woe.


  8. Bas Bleu is a wonderful catalogue. I've been getting it a long time, and feel rather guilty that I read it but don't order very often. I just called them this week to get off the list. I can read it online and order. I'm doing this with all the catalogues I get. I'm happy enough browsing online stores, and this will save the postage for them, and the trees for the world. :<)


  9. Let the Northern Lights has been on my wish list since Lotus of Lotus Reads reviewed it — not sure when that was. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I used to get the Bas Bleu catalog, too. Never ordered, though, so like Les I was dropped from their mailing list.


  10. Nan, why am I not surprised that you know about Bas Bleu? Or, that you want to shop on line? I agree with you, one look at the incoming mail is enough to make anyone with half a conscience for our world cringe at the amount of wasted paper. Worse yet is when I get TWO catalogs from the same company (like Restoration Hardware).Bookfool, I'll have to check out Lotus' review. It was a hard book to write about without giving it all away, but definitely an intriguing read.Andi, I like how you change your picture icon as often as I change the colors on my blog. We're looking for the best presentation I suspect. 🙂


  11. A friend of mine used to get that catalog all the time and she would bring it in to work for me to be tempted by whenever she was ready to order stuff! They definitely have some great offerings.


  12. Yes, I had recently reconnected w/ Bas Bleu as I'd lost it in print through our moves.I used it to find books for upcoming reading for book clubs this next year.The book you recommended… write what you think once you've read it, please.


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