Helpful Marriage Tip #1

(Photographer information here)

When your husband brings up from the basement all the once beautiful plants from last summer that he has been keeping “alive” this winter with a sun lamp do not say, “How long do we have to look at these?” in a grouchy voice.
Rather, walk outside and appreciate the flowering redbuds which are newly blooming.

20 thoughts on “Helpful Marriage Tip #1

  1. Beautiful picture, not so beautiful plants, I'm assuming? Now that you're over the grouchies, give him a pat on the back and a kiss on the cheek. cjh


  2. Hey! We have so many tress like that and they are all beautiful like that. the park in my city is aflame with this vibrant colors like this. Beautiful picture… *sigh*


  3. I wish Spring in Illinois lasted longer. It seems that Summer (read: humidity) far outweighs its welcome and Summer barely enters the door. Daydream, I'd love to see Bulgaria.


  4. LOL! I know what you mean about spring barely having a chance. We'll probably have about a month until the heat and humidity really sets in here. So I guess we better enjoy it while it lasts. A trip to Bulgaria sounds great! Can I come along? 😉


  5. Bellezza!!I must say, everytime I read this post, I just die laughing …. that is so me: to grumpily complain about the condition they are in ….i apologize for not commenting sooner – I have just finished my PPR class – YEAH!!!! and had to put together my portfolio for a summative conference with my professor. It went well …Now all that is ahead of me is a. the final settlement of my divorce; b. taking and passing the state PPR exam and c. completing my student teaching semester. Then I shall be certified and prayerfully, on to a new path in my life!Keep me in your prayerful thoughts….lady blue


  6. Tanabata, I hope the head and humidity you experience is far less than what we do here in Chicago-land. ICK! I'd rather have snow any day.Daydream, I never heard of Varna until you mentioned it. I'll have to look up its exact location…isn't that terrible that a teacher isn't a geography expert? Especially one who loves Europe so much? I'm ashamed of myself.Lady Blue, congratulations on finishing your class! All that busywork/portfolio building is tiresome, I'm sure. I hope things go well with your divorce settlement (now, that's really tiresome!), taking exams and completing student teaching. You've got a very full plate; I'm surprised you find the time to write such nice posts on your blog.


  7. Burst out laughing at this one, mainly because this is a scene often played out at my house. Guess which one I am? ;)RE: humidity, we have it pretty bad, thanks to the Mississippi. Lately, I've come to embrace the humidity- great for the skin and also for our curly locks, anyway.Since you're one of my faves, I've tagged you for a meme:


  8. It's referred to as the sea capital of Bulgaria. It's a very big dot on the Northern Bulgarian Black Sea cost. No way you can miss it on a larger map of the country. Don't sweat that much. My country is not that important anyways. Otherwise people would have known where it was or which the major cities were. I'm used to it by now.


  9. BELLEZZA !!!!!this is becoming spooky ….. I just finished reading Breaking Free by Beth Moore 3 weeks ago ….. it is still here next to me on my nightstand. Right afterwards, I read Get Out of That Pit by her. The two books dovetail perfectly …..I won't say 'enjoy' because it IS work, hard spiritual work …. which means I probably need to go back and read it again.Thank you for your response …. it IS a full plate. Blogging helps to 'get my mind' off of the heavy load briefly each day …. maybe more than briefly on other days ….my mother will be arriving soon to help me complete packing the house. I don't know where I will be moving to yet, but the house will be going on the market and I just want to be ready.Full plate lives …. sometimes I believe God does that to me because I tend to wander off down my own path when my plate is half empty …this way, I am certain to be getting down on my knees – OFTEN.peace,lady blue


  10. Unfortunately the heat and humidity here are awful. Rainy season starts in June and that jacks up the humidity which last until about Oct. sometime. During summer, the temp. sits around 95-100F both day and night and even standing completely still I'm usually dripping within seconds. It's the not cooling off at night that really gets to me, it just never ends! I'm so not made for heat. Sigh.


  11. Mrs. T, you couldn't possible be the one like me, could you? I'll do your meme as soon as I can; it's been a crazy week, but thanks for tagging me.Daydream, by the Black Sea? Better yet! Water is my favorite element.Blue Bicycle, your comment brings more to mind than I can post on right here/right now. I, too, had to sell a house once, and move into an apartment. Don't worry, God is faithful. He will help you even in when you can't see it, don't feel it, and wonder how you'll make it.


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