Introducing The Farworld Blog Tour

One of my favorite parts of blogging is the doors that it opens to authors. Real authors. Published authors. Like Colleen Gleason, or Rinda Elliot, or Harry Markov.

And now, I’ve received a comment from author J. Scott Savage.

His blog, Find Your Magic, has a post which introduces a tour he’s hosting for his upcoming new fantasy series called “Farworld.” I volunteered to host such a tour, which means receiving an advanced copy of the first book, reading it, and posting a review of it this July or August. After interviewing him here, I’ll contrive an amazing contest for this blog, and the winner of it will receive their very own copy of Farworld. (To whom do you wish it autographed?)

You, dear reader, are invited to participate in the Farworld tour event as well. Just visit his blog and leave him a comment at this post.

In any case, go see what all the excitement’s about. It’s a perfect complement for those who love to read, as well as those who love new authors.

7 thoughts on “Introducing The Farworld Blog Tour

  1. Thanks Bellezza for the mention, even though things are running slow on that front. Alas, I am not allowed to participate in the tour, because I am not in the US/Canada. I hate geography. Seriously.


  2. Daydream and Tanabata, even if you can't host a blog tour for the Farworld book, you have a chance at winning your own copy when I host a contest here. So, all is not lost! 🙂


  3. Oh, I understand, no worries. I just don't like the whole geography thing. I wish that you really make my country aka Bulgaria aka Eastern Europe. If you make with translation to my country, it means you are one of the big, because here we get King, Rowling, Brown, Martin and Tolkien.


  4. Me, too, booklogged. It's funny, he tells me he once lived in the same town I do. Wouldn't that be hysterical if we went to High School together or something? No, wait, I'm probably MUCH older…it's more likely that I was one of his teachers!


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