Once Upon A Time

My class loves fantasy.

I love C.S. Lewis.

I’ve always wanted to read George MacDonald who greatly influenced both Lewis and Tolkein.

Therefore, it is time to embark on Carl’s Once Upon A Time Challenge II which runs from March 21 through June 20, 2008.

The five novels which I have committed to, for “Quest the First” are:

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (which my class is dying for me to read to them, and seems timely as the film will be released April 30, 2008 starring Helen Mirren!)

At The Back of The North Wind by George MacDonald (which has been sitting in the back of one of my cupboards for two years)

The Silver Chair

The Last Battle both by C.S. Lewis (so that I can finally say I’ve read all of the Narnia series)

Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis (which is also on the reading list at my son’s High School)

However, I am also considering these works should I find the extra time:

The Princess and The Goblin by George MacDonald

Phantastes by George MacDonald (widely considered to be the first fantasy novel ever written for adults)

The Book of One Thousand And One Nights

Arthurian Legend books


Don’t they all sound exciting?! Come on summer vacation, come on Time!

21 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. Til We Have Faces is a GREAT BOOK, and I hardly ever hear anyone mention it. I highly recommend it, and I hope you like it as much as I did if you get around to it.


  2. What an AMAZING list Bellezza! I can't wait to hear what you think of all of them. I already want to read At the Back of the North Wind just because of the cover and the title…sounds beautiful! I'm excited…have fun 🙂


  3. What a great list, Bellezza. I keep toying with the idea of joining this challenge, but I'm a bit concerned that my reading is going to go quickly down hill in the next few weeks. I doubt I'll get much read with the distraction of "real life" issues that begin Mid-April. Maybe next year… Good luck to you, though!


  4. Tanabata, I started Inkheart a few years ago and ended up giving it to my neice before I finished it. My class is saying how wonderful it is, so I'm restarting it as a read aloud tomorrow. It is rather fanciful and magical, I remember that much.Chris, you talked me into it! After I saw the announcement on your blog, I went to Carl's to sign up. I guess I couldn't resist, even if fantasy isn't my top favorite genre. You guys are awfully persuasive! I'm excited to read George MacDonald too, not realizing the impact he made in the genre as well as two of my favorite authors (Lewis and Tolkein).Princess Haiku, I'd love some creative energy right about now. I'm feeling a bit depleted, and I certainly don't know as much about astrology/moon phases as I'd like to. Thanks for informing me, and feel free to keep it up when you have the chance.Daydream, did you read Beowulf in the original translation, or the newer one which just came out the last year or so? Also, the Arthur books I've read were by Steven Lawhead; were those the same ones you picked up?Carl V, I must admit you have a very tantalizing challenge; it's almost impossible to resist!Nymeth, I'm looking forward to discussing books with you as we have in the past challenges of Carl's. You always expand my horizons!Les, it would be such fun to share a challenge with you, but I understand your busy-ness. I hope you don't have anything awful beginning in mid-April?


  5. Eigon, thanks for visiting! I always think a person who calls himself/herself a reader should have read Beowulf. I need to get on that. With Disney's release of Prince Caspian on May 16, I've really been pushing myself to finish the Narnia series. I like reading them all in a row so that they seem more cohesive. I really like Lewis' subtle teaching throughout the series. I'll post about The Silver Chair when I finish it and would enjoy your comments.


  6. Till We Have Faces is a wonderful book – I know you'll enjoy it! What a great list list you have. I also love George MacDonald. You're going to have a great time with these! 🙂


  7. Darla, how happy I am to have two endorsements for Til We Have Faces. I just checked our school's own library, and I was able to pick up a copy of George MacDonald's The Princess and The Goblin so I guess I'll be adding that to the list since it's so handy.


  8. Wonderful and exciting list. You've convinced me that I need to try something by George MacDonald. And I have Until They Have Faces that has been waiting for me to come around for several years.


  9. I read Beowulf for school and well we had the old text parallel with the new text and it was fun. I guess it must be an older newer version as the textbook seemed pretty damn old. As for the Legends. I am not good with names and I have no idea it were around three years ago I think, when I read them. Fun though, ancient superheroes. Hehehe.


  10. Booklogged, I am most eager to get to George MacDonald myself, especially as I read of his influence on other favorite writers of mine (especially C.S. Lewis). My mother gave me The Back of The North Wind years ago, but of course it takes a challenge for me to finally pick it up. :)Daydream, I think all my textbooks were 'pretty damn old'. I hope it wasn't also written all over. I like your descriptor of ancient superheroes for legends!


  11. I can honestly say that I don't think you nor your class will be disappointed with Inkheart!! (do not be surprised when they insist on Inkspell to follow closely!)


  12. Deslily, I have already begun Inkeart and I LOVE IT!!! I want to take it home over Spring Break to finish it. The most wonderful image to me is the homes (especially Elinor's) FILLED with books. I hope the movie can live up to it, though I doubt it will. I look forward to discussing it further when I've finished it. Thanks for visiting!


  13. Please do, Princess Haiku. They are all new to me, but I do so enjoy what you enjoy. I ordered a CD from iTunes which you'd recommended on your blog: the Liszt and Chopin one. I'm also trying to buy the Credo by Helene Grimaud. I adore Liszt, and need to do a post sometime on his "Les Preludes". I'm remiss in posting lately, lots going on in my busy mind, but I have one planned to arrive shortly.


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