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Belgian chocolates. White flowers. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (made by my mother, snowflakes cut by my father). Cocount cake with almost no frosting (it had it’s own private Snow Day, falling down around me as I tried to frost the triple layers). Origami favors for all the guests, which went over with great enthusiasm.

All in all, my mother’s party was a success.

And, someday soon, I’ll post about all the cards, and presents, and books I received which make my heart sing. I even got a card from The Secretary, but that’s a whole other post.

Now it’s time for the winners. Of the Japanese Literature Challenge. Who endeavored to read three books in three months, and did! I have the following names put into the hat: 3M, Chris, Darla D., Scott, Lulu, Verbivore, Tanabata, Lightheaded, D. Chedwick Bryant, CJ, Robin, MS Teacher, and Working Words 100.

The winner of the first place prize is CJ!

Winner of the second place prize is: Verbivore!

Winner of the third place prize is Chris (of Stuff Dreams Are Made Of).

Congratulations to all the winners! BUT, I know how disappointed I get when I’m not a winner. Therefore, to honor your effort, and assuage any disappointment you may be feeling, I will fold all the other participants (listed above) an origami crane. If all of you would email me your address, I will ship the prizes off this week.

It has really been fun to share in this challenge with each of you.

23 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Glad you had a nice birthday and your mom too! The goodies look fabulous. Also, I love, love, love the new pictures you have. Most gorgeous!Congratulations to the winners of your lovely prizes for your Japanese challenge. Again, so very lovely!Have a nice week!!


  2. Oh wow!! I'm speechless! I had to keep checking to make sure that I really won 🙂 I think it's my favorite prize pack too…it has the little book you folded which is extra special! Congrats to CJ and Verbivore too and to everyone who participated in the challenge. It was one of the best challenges I've been in…I hope you do it again!The cakes and chocolates look awesome! I'm glad to hear you had a good birthday…sounds like it was really nice 🙂 You take awesome photos!


  3. I take better photographs than I make frosting, that's for darn sure! I, myself, was happy that you won the third prize package, especially with your penchant for the fantasy/sci-fi aspect which the book contains. Hey, by the way, are you enjoying the Super Bowl?


  4. Wow! That's so amazing! Thank you for the wonderful prizes but honestly, the reading was enough of a prize! And no, that doesn't mean I don't want my prize!!Thanks for the wonderful challenge and the amazing prizes!cjh


  5. d. chedwick bryant, don't forget to email me your address if you'd like an origami crane.CJ, I'm so glad you won first place. You were the first one done, afterall, and you always kept me up to date with what you were reading.


  6. Glad you both had a nice birthday. It all looks lovely. Any cake left to share? :PCongratulations to all the winners of your fabulous prizes. This was a great challenge, Bellezza, I hope you consider hosting it again sometime.


  7. What beautiful birthday photos! Everything looked absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for hosting this terrific challenge, Bellezza! I enjoyed it very much and hope you will do it again. Congratulations to the winners! The prizes also look beautiful!


  8. Tanabata and Robin, don't forget to email me your addresses so I can send you a crane. Thanks for participating, and showing me such good literature available which I'd never heard of before.


  9. Awww, aren't you a fabulous challenge hostess! Congrats to all your winners.And what a fabulous-looking party for your mom! Lovely, lovely pictures.I hope you host this challenge again next year. Be sure to provide a link to this year's reviews so I can put together a TBR list. Kitchen is already in the number one position.


  10. Your prize packs are so deliciously colorful. You did a fantastic job with them.And oh my…that chocolate has me slobbering so much I may have to change clothes before heading off to work.


  11. Your prize packages are so beautiful. You have a real artist's eye. I love the group of party pictures. How do you do that? I would love to do that on my blog sometimes. I make one frosting, and it never fails. 1/2 cup soft butter, t. vanilla, box of conf. sugar, and enough milk or lemon juice to make it all work. Nothin' fancy, but always delish!


  12. Working Words, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you to have third prize. Thanks for participating all the same. And, by the way, I bought Moonlight and Rain on amazon.com for about 9 dollars so it wasn't TOO expensive if you want to buy a copy.3M, there seems to be enough interest to hold it again, so maybe I will. Thanks for participating so beautifully.Andi, how nice to have you visit. I've been a bad blogger with birthdays, Open House here at school, and whatnot, but I'll be by.Les, I want to send you Kitchen. As soon as it comes back from one of my friends I'll ship it off. Also, I think it's a great idea to list everyone's titles which I'll do in my sidebar for future reference.Daydream, she IS a fantastic baker. But, don't forget, I made the funny looking coconut one all by myself. :)Carl, I'm glad you liked the prize packages. The origami paper helps in the beauty department.Verbivore, you're welcome!Nan, it's Picasa (a free program from Google which allows you to do everything with your photographs. Download it on your computer to give it a try). I'd be glad to give you more details if you like, but it's VERY easy. Thanks for the frosting recipe; my Marshmallow type was P.U. It just cascaded down, and I still can't figure out why.


  13. The pictures are making me drool! Chocolates and cakes! Hahaha! I'm sure it was a wonderful celebration.My congratulations to all the winners! I had fun with this challenge and made me dust off my origami books in the process! I do hope you consider doing this again later this year. The reviews of the other participants are really interesting.


  14. Gorgeous table, as usual! You have such a flair!I am so disappointed in myself that I dropped the Japanese Lit. Challege ball, but I do have 3 titles to add to my "must read" list. Thanks so much for opening a door that would have otherwise remained closed.Happy Birthday, too!


  15. wow, what beautiful and marvelous prizes! Bellezza – please let me know if will be hosting another challenge (no, not because of the prizes…as tempting as they are…but because the Japanese Lit Challenge was a fabulous idea!).Congrats to the winners!


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