Origami Party Favors

My mother and I have back-to-back birthdays at the end of the month. We usually alternate giving the celebration for each other, but we never share cakes. This year, I am having a birthday party for her on Saturday, and I am making her a coconut cake with fresh coconut you have to break with a hammer in the garage. Because she likes fiber in her dessert. She is making me a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting because as far as I’m concerned, there is no other kind of birthday cake. Anyway…

I am of the conviction, probably because I’ve taught elementary school for 24 years, that a birthday party is not complete without favors. So, I’ve been folding origami Magic Circles for the favors. Each one requires the following steps:

First you fold eight little squares into pieces such as these.

Then, you insert the ends of them into each other to make a little chain.

When they’re all attached, they make a star shape such as this…

which can also be turned into a wheel shape such as this. See? It’s magic!

Finally, I’ve been putting each Magic Circle into a cellophane bag and tying it with ribbon.

I’ve made approximately 22, and I only have 15 more to go…so if I’m not posting in awhile?

I’m either:

  • reading War and Peace
  • folding origami party favors
  • making a coconut cake
  • teaching my butt off.

But, don’t you think they’re worth it? Don’t you think they’ll be fun for the 72 year olds to play with? (I certainly hope so…)


15 thoughts on “Origami Party Favors

  1. I think they're beautiful! One of the RA's in a residence hall here did origami birds for door decs this semester. They're the decorations they put on the doors of the rooms in their section and I immediately thought of you. The cake sounds wonderful, too. cjh


  2. My daughter and I have back-to-back birthdays, too! Mine is on the 13th (Dec.) and hers is on the 10th. However, we did share cakes for many, many years.You and my husband are of the same opinion when it comes to cakes. He likes plain old chocolate with chocolate icing. Or maybe a yellow with chocolate icing. Personally, I love chocolate with a raspberry filling and white chocolate. Mmmmmm. :)I love your new header!! Simply beautiful!What fun party favors! You are just so clever. I can make a paper airplane.


  3. That is so cool. I love origami! I never really tried it, because I typically destroy paper, when it comes to my fingers, but still a very beautiful work of art. And yes they are worth it.


  4. Love them! I took my girls to a library program yesterday, and we learned to make origami boxes and a few other things, and of course I thought of you! There's something soothing about doing it (when you know what you're doing, that is), isn't there? Hope the party goes great – I know your favors will be a big hit!


  5. Darla, did you make the square box, or the 'star' box? Did you make a lid? I love making boxes, and putting something little inside them; then, you don't even have to wrap the present! Origami is soothing, and such a a joy to me and the class. I fold little origami objects for the children every morning, and I think we're all learning how to do it better. I'm so glad you had fun (when you know what you're doing, of course). 🙂


  6. We made the square boxes, and then the teacher showed us how to make these modified twisty boxes, so you can glue them together in a long string inside the box. Then when you open the box, you can untwist them into a long accordion-type thing, which the kids just loved. I will post a picture for you if that makes no sense – it's hard to describe! I think I need to learn how to make a star box now. That sounds very cool.


  7. Darla, I have never seen the box you described. It sounds just beautiful (and difficult!). Some day I'll post a star box picture; they're much easier than they sound. And, I'd love to see a picture of what you described.


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