Friday’s Feast #4

Appetizer: Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008.
  • Not feeling unduly responsible for things that aren’t my responsibility
  • Begin work on my ELL (English Language Learner) certification
Soup: With which cartoon character do you share personality traits?
  • Lucy. Isn’t that embarrassing? I am such a bossy big sister type if I’m not careful.
Salad: What time of day (or night) were you born?
  • I believe it was 9:30 in the morning, but I really don’t remember.
Main Course: Tell us something special about your hometown.
  • It’s a suburb of Chicago which is growing bigger by the minute. There’s a pulse here, of people trying to accumulate more stuff faster than their neighbors, which is really nauseating to me. Imagine, grown ups trying to find meaning in material possessions?!
Dessert: If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from?
  • God


13 thoughts on “Friday’s Feast #4

  1. Oh, we are so much alike! I, too, am a Lucy, if I'm not careful. One of my favorite cartoons of her (from a calendar YEARS ago) had her saying, "It's hard work being crabby." I'd like a letter from Rachel.


  2. Oh, that's a good feast, and now that you mention it, I DO have a few of Lucy's qualities…definitely the bossy big sister one, as my younger brother confirm! 😉 Thanks for coming by my feast!


  3. Happy Friday.Best wishes on your New Years goals. You had great answers for everything. I am not much into materialism either. It is a shame how this has taken over. Have a great weekend and stay safe wherever your travels may take you.:o)


  4. What great answers, especially your desert answer! That would be amazing, wouldn't it?And what is an English Language Learner certificate? People have become a bit sickening, haven't they? My pet peeve is the vehicle a person chooses to drive. I mean, how many people who live in a city actually need a Hummer or a huge truck that gets 12 mpg? Have a great weekend, Bellezza.cjhcjh


  5. cj, ELL is what used to be called ESL: English as a Second Language. It only requires six classes, on top of the three degrees I already have, and then I'd be certified to teach all the darling children who come to public school unable to speak English proficiently. I think I would love that! Have a good weekend, yourself, and a happy New Year's Eve. If I don't talk to you before that. Which I doubt. 🙂


  6. Lady G, or here in the states. We have so many children who speak other languages in their home. Usually they're either Indian or Hispanic. I would just love to work with them in small groups and help them feel more comfortable in their language skills.


  7. Hello! I loved your feast! I may use it some time this week. Not sure yet!! 🙂 Your new page is pretty! It's fun to redo– isn't it? That's going to be one of my answers to number one. I have the decorating bug. I am a Sally, not a Lucy.


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