Laughing All The Way

You’d think I’d be full of Christmas cheer right now, and in many ways I was. Making spirits bright, and all that, with my class this week.

We made origami Santa finger puppets.

We made origami Christmas trees.

We watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas movie.

What I love most about the celebration of diversity is that it’s giving me permission to celebrate my own heritage in a public school. Like I used to in school when I was kid: making ornaments in Art class to hang on the Christmas tree in the gym while we paraded in singing “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful.”

Alas, I digress.

On Friday, our former principal had a wonderful Christmas party at her home. She made homemade Italian meatballs, had Italian beef sandwiches, and lots of wonderful Chianti. She’d lit a fire in the fireplace, candles on the coffee table, and put music on the Bose. She showed me every ornament on her tree, remembering each child who’d given it to her. (Amazing! I was truly touched by her appreciation; I thought most principals throw out the ornaments they are given.)

Unfortunately, my Christmas glow was not to last.

When I returned to school on Monday, those who hadn’t been invited were livid. Are livid. In fact, many are not speaking to me. Because I attended a party to which I was invited, but they weren’t.

Does this make any sense to you? If I wasn’t so tired of it all, I’d be laughing, because it’s so absolutely ridiculous. In a year or so, when I look back at my journals, I’m sure I’ll be laughing. But, right now? I’m a little annoyed at being dumped on after being ignored in a passive aggressive manner for 48 hours by our school secretary and one of my team members.

So, making spirits bright? Yeah, that was another holiday.

11 thoughts on “Laughing All The Way

  1. Oh brother…Some people really do just never graduate high school, do they? You know what Bellezza, be happy that you're one of the ones that was invited to the party and not one of those ridiculous jealous old biddies! It says a lot for your character and not much for theirs. And please don't let them spoil your holidays, you're too bright of a spirit 🙂


  2. The childish behavior of adults never ceases to amaze me. I've recently had adult employees of mine use the "But that's not fair!" phrase. I felt like taking them back out behind the wood shed. You know what? You had a really good time. Don't let the fools ruin it for you by their petty behavior. Enjoy your actual kids, the students, and let those foolish adult children act like idiots. If they want to expend their energy that way then let then ruin their own days. Heck, I'd go into work singing Christmas carols and acting happy as a lark, whether I felt it or not, just to spite them. I'd be so warm and nice to them that they'd look like morons for not speaking to you.If all else fails, write Santa and have him put coal in their stockings. 😉


  3. Beverly, sometimes I wonder who are the children and who are the adults in this building. Did you ever experience the like in yours?Chris, graduate High School? How about third grade. I'm thinking of all the things I could say in response, but I realize I have to let people express their hurt without absorbing it myself. Don't worry, I won't let anyone spoil my bright spirit. I've repolished it. :)Tanabata, you do not need to let me know what you've read, but I do appreciate hearing. When I have more time, Friday afternoon at 3:30 when break starts, I plan on coming around to the participants' blogs every other day or so to check in. I would like to post what everyone's reading, so I'll be sure to write about what your choices. Two done already?! I've only read Kitchen, which I have yet to post abouot, and I just started The Street of A Thousand Blossoms which is excellent.Carl, remember the verse in Proverbs that says kindness is like pouring heaping coals in their laps? That's what your comment reminded me of, and of couse, it's the only way to react to petty behavior. But, do you happen to know where I can purchase any coal? 😉


  4. Why are they being snarky with YOU? Seems to me it's the principal they should be irritated with. On one hand, I don't see why she didn't invite the staff, but perhaps it wasn't that kind of party. I would feel weird inviting my entire staff to a party at my home, as I don't know them well. I agree, focus on the fact that you had a good time, and hopefully the others will move on.


  5. Forgive me for being blunt, but you should simply tell them all to grow the hell up.Geez.I deal with college students, 18 – 23 years of age and yet they act younger than I did at 16. It has the ability to get to me if I let it. Most of the time I don't. Neither should you.I'm glad you enjoyed the party. It sounds like it was wonderful.cjh


  6. mrs. t, because our principal had retired last year I don't think she felt the obligation to invite every staff member this year. But, no one anticipated the animosity that people who didn't even like her would experience at being excluded.cj, isn't it weird how young people act today? Or, maybe it's just me being old.Les, wouldja please? Come on over and beat them up? Here's the comment from my team member today: "It's just so sneaky of you. I'm a loyal person, and I'd never have gone to a party if we weren't all invited." Like she's invited me to every gathering she's gone to. Give me a break.


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