A Wee Holiday Meme

A Christmas meme from Nan:
What is your most enduring Christmas memory? Every Christmas Eve my mother made a very special dinner: fruit soup, often lobster (or some type of seafood), Christmas cookies. After eating, we’d go to church. My favorite part was singing “Silent Night” at midnight when the whole congregation was holding lit candles.

Presents never seemed like a big deal to me, because my parents didn’t make them a big deal. I remember being shocked at the neighborhood’s haul of gifts.

Do you have a favourite piece of Christmas music? I adore all kinds, namely: Handel’s Messiah, Away In The Manger, Celine D’ion singing Oh, Holy Night, Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby, and the version of Baby, It’s Cold Outside from that ridiculous film “Elf.”

What makes your mouth water at Christmas time? Peppermint ice cream and hot fudge, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, homemade Christmas cookies. Yeah, I’m pretty much into the sweet treats. You’re not going to find broccoli and eggplant on any of my favorite foods list.

How soon do you put the Christmas tree up and when do you take it down? I never, ever put it up before December. My son’s birthday is December 7, and I used to wait until after that, but now I usually put it up December 1. I like real trees over fake, and they don’t last much past December 26. In any case, I usually take the tree down by New Year’s Day to start the year fresh.

Please, feel free to respond to this on your own blog. I’d be interested to see your traditions!

13 thoughts on “A Wee Holiday Meme

  1. Presents were not the highlight at our house, too. It is the one part of Christmas I really rebel against. I don't want the meaning to be lost in the crass commercialism.We keep the tree up through my birthday and close out the season with that celebration, which is on a technical holiday – the 12th day.This comment is from a nonBlogger, with a link only back to my site via my inserting it in this place by handwriting the coding to give a link back MotherPie which is a real hassle and involves a lot of cut/paste.Blogging has stimulated conversation among virtual/real friends but Blogger, by altering the commenting structure, has limited comments only to Google's bloggers using the Blogger platform. Crummy move, Google/Blogger. See my post on this: Blogger Comment Changes Stink. Period. Use Haloscan for commenting – the link is in my post comments.


  2. I love Elf, such a fun show. And Zooey Deschanel has such an amazing singing voice. I never knew she could sing until she started belting out Baby, Its Cold Outside. She is the only person I like to hear sing that song besides the great Ella Fitzgerald.Josh Groban's version of O Holy Night is my favorite, it is also far and away my favorite Christmas Carol. Beautiful.So cool that you had seafood for Christmas. I love seafood and should try to introduce some into our Christmas traditions. Although it is never as good as when you live near salt water.


  3. Mother pie, can I assume this is you? What a drag that it's still nigh on impossible to comment. Could you clarify your specific birthdate? I'm never quite sure about The Twelve Days of Christmas thing, unfortunately.Carl, I just bought a Christmas CD at Starbucks because it had Baby, It's Cold Outside. I was rather hoping for Zooey's rendition, but it is Ella; still, not a complete disappointment. The best Christmas dinner, of seafood, that I had was the year we spent Christmas in Key West. My husband and son opted for the traditional turkey feast, but I stuck with lobster straight from the ocean. I mean, how many turkeys do you see hanging around Florida? That aren't men wearing thongs, I mean.


  4. I love this meme and may have to snag for myself. I've been thinking about writing about Christmas traditions and their meaning, but will probably put them at Got Bible instead of History Is Elementary. I love this time of year and after my no tree year last year I'm proud to say mine is up. Back in the years before my mom and dad divorced we began to have steak for our family gathering on Christmas Eve. When I married the tradition was picked up by my in-laws. We gather in the early afternoon and pig out on all sorts of finger foods before having our steaks.


  5. I used to have a burned (read: pirated) version of Ella singing Baby with Louis Armstrong that was a live version that was just wonderful. I have since lost it…many computer crashes ago…and have found many, many different live versions of them together at different clubs and settings through Rhapsody, but never the version that I loved the best. The two of them together singing it are by far my favorite, Louis has such an amazing voice, and Zooey is probably the closest I've heard to meeting Ella of anyone I've heard sing it. I am disappointed, I looked on Rhapsody hoping I could buy you a copy of the song (it is usually only $.89) but they only sell the whole album of the Elf soundtrack, you can't buy the songs individually. Darn it!


  6. Fresh Girl, I've got to find where I can load it onto my iPod.EHT, I didn't know you had a blog called God Bible. I must visit this weekend! Your posts are always so thought provoking, and well written, I can't wait to see it. Finger food and steak? Yum.Carl, how sweet of you to think of buying me a copy! I'll keep looking for one because that song is just too perfect for Winter. It's hard to beat Ella and Louis, for sure~!


  7. You have some very lovely memories. My dad used to sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and I bought a CD just because of that song, too – I think it's Bing Crosby, though. I can't look because my house is sorta buried. Your son was born on December 7? So was mine – the youngest. Happy Birthday to yours; I hope he had a lovely day. 🙂


  8. My most enduring Christmas memory –sitting under the tree–or right next to it as I grew too big to sit under it. The wonderful smell of the tree, the lights and ornaments and tinsel… and waking up early in the morning and seeing the unlit tree waiting there… even unlit it still had a majestic presence. Tangerines made my mouth water. We'd always get one in our stockings.


  9. I loved reading your replies, and thank you for doing the meme. We too always, always have a real tree, but then we are in the world of Christmas trees. We used to cut it off our land until I got tired of the "charlie brown Christmas tree" that drooped with every ornament, so now we buy it from a local tree farm. Much better. We get ours on Wednesday. I'm sure a photo will end up on my blog. :<)


  10. Bookfool, my CD from Starbucks with Baby, It's Cold Outside? Not Louis Armstrong, or Bing Crosby: Ray Charles. As this is a relatively new song TO ME, not the rest of the world, I can see I need to listen to several versions. I forgot that our son's have the same birthday, and I think your oldest and mine have the same name. I made my son an Oreo Cheesecake for dessert at his request. It's very yummy, but I shudder to think of the calories we're ingesting with each bite. Happy Belated Birthday to yours, too.Carl, I'm definitely going to try to buy that Elf soundtrack. Now I'm on a mission…d. chedwick bryant, aren't you just entranced by the smell of real evergreen trees? There's not much better, in my opinion. I remember getting tangerines in Christmas stockings at church; now our family adores Clementines (less seeds!).Nan, thanks for tagging me. I bet your tree from the local farm lasts a very long time. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of it vicariously.


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