I Got A Zero!

They must be somebody else’s test results, but I’ll take ’em.

For the first time in my life, I passed a test with flying colors, and I didn’t even have to study.

The doctor ordered a heart scan and blood work and a stress test. (“Hell, no,” I said, “if it’s runnin‘, I ain’t doin‘ it.” But, apparently, I am going to do it the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That way, I can die on the treadmill before eating mashed potatoes with gravy. Anyway…)

We had time to do the scan, and the blood work despite the fact that I stuck in a piece of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum after fasting for 12 hours because I had no idea one stick of gum could effect your triglycerides. If one piece of gum could effect my triglycerides, what about the packs of M & M’s I’ve been eating since Halloween? Anyway…

They said I’m not overweight, which is the first shock. Then, they said that that my scan showed my arteries have a score of zero. 0! I can’t even believe it. No build up of cholesterol, plaque, or other assorted blocks in there whatsoever. Not to say they won’t build up if I don’t put a stop to cheeseburgers real soon. Or, worrying.

In the meantime, I thank the Lord for showing me that a.) the worrying I do is completely ineffective and b.) my heart is still withstanding any anxiety that I can’t entirely set at the curb.

As to NaBloPoMo? I think it was kind of silly to sign up for that. There’s no way I can lay out an interesting post every. single. day. Can one do NaBloPoMo like, 78%?

14 thoughts on “I Got A Zero!

  1. Forget the NaBloPoMo! These blogs are for our pleasure. They shouldn't inflict guilty and pressure. Write when you can about what you like. We'll be here to read whatever you have to say.As far as your health issues — YIPPEE!! I'm so relieved to hear that the test results were so good. I haven't had my labs done in many years (I'm guessing 10), but they were all good back then. Low cholesterol levels, etc. But now I'm a bit older, haven't exercised quite as consistently as 10 years ago (although I've gotten better now that I'm working at B&N – lots of walking – and using our new treadmill). I'm planning to have a physical next month, so we shall see. I'll bet you do just fine on the treadmill test. Try not to worry! 🙂


  2. Good for you! It is nice to get some good health results isn't it? Don't worry about the stress test. You just go and think about all the good stuff you'll have the next day and you'll pass with flying colors.It is tough not to worry isn't it? Bluestalking Reader has a blog entry this morning about a book entitled, "In Praise of Slowness: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed" by Carl Honore. Just the title is so appealing to me. In my comment to her, I mentioned that I had a grandmother who refused to be hurried and also, relating to your words, refused to worry about things. She was the calmest person I ever knew. She died at the age of 93. Les is right. The blogs are supposed to be fun, a creative outlet and a sharing opportunity. We love to read all that you have to share with us but nothing is an assignment (I speak to myself as well as you! Ha!). Hugs to you!


  3. As far as NaBloPoMo, I have been posting religiously on my Blogger, right? I cut and paste to NaBloPoMo. Booger if I didn’t forget the other day to copy and paste. Guess I won’t be getting the special posting award. 😦


  4. Hey, everybody, thanks for all the warm wishes sent over here! I still have to do the stres test (who wouldn't stress if they had to run on a treadmill hooked to 9 million wires?!), but I'm trusting all is well. The new name of the game is Trust. There's no way I can live with anxiety especially since it's helping no one. If it helped, I might consider it an option, though. 🙂


  5. I had my first colonoscopy this year. I was surprised and thrilled that I didn't have any problems. I grew up eating tons of red meat. I guess giving it up about 17 years ago helped!


  6. Ooh, red meat: one of my favorites! Steak, pot roast, filet mignon…however, my husband is almost a vegetarian, so I've been eating much less of it since we got married. That could be part of the reason my results came out positively, for both of us! Thanks for visiting.


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