20 thoughts on “I’ll Always Love You, Madeleine.”

  1. I saw this this morning and the first person I thought about was you. What a wonderful author she was! She'll be missed down here, but she's definitely left her mark on the earth. She'll inspire for ages to come.


  2. boinky, I visited your blog and am quite intrigued by your writing style (with a bit of sarcasm thrown in, just what I like), as well as content. I find the topics you were posting on: Diana, faith, depression, fascinating. I wanted to leave you a few comments, but it seems that you have them disabled. Is that true? If you're interested in my feedback, email me. I'd love to talk with you. Oh, and thanks for the link to Madeleine's speech.


  3. I am so glad I found her recently. She was an incredible author.And I'm sure you're right. She is undoubtably rejoicing with the angels and our Heavenly Father.cjh


  4. I'm glad you posted the photo again of the two of you together. I thought of you immediately when I read about her. It's such a loss for all of us, but I know she was extra special to you.


  5. As a librarian, and booklover, I have seen a lot of writers die and no one knows until six months later. I keep finding tributes to M'LE everywhere. I've been posting them as I see them on my blog. I have to find my picture with her (I "met" her in 1993). She touched so many lives. I know that so much of how I look at the world is shaped by her words.


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