Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award

Well, it seems to be making its way around the blogging world, this fuchsia banner of praise. I’d like to thank Robin for bestowing it upon me, as well as a few others in her blog, when often I question the interest in what I write. (Also, as Robin mentioned, “What about the Rockin‘ Guy Bloggers?” Would anyone like to come up with a blue banner for them? Because I’m a technological ‘tard?)
A few Rockin‘ Girl Bloggers I’d like to mention are:
1. Les with whom I share the love of reading, kayaking, cooking, gardening, and mothering. Plus, is wifing a word? I think not, but I enjoy reading about Les’ love for her husband. A good marriage is hard to find.
2. Paula whom I’ve met only recently, and yet I feel such an affection for her sweet spirit, the search she makes for beauty and the lovely pictures she posts on one of her blogs: Finding Beauty.

3. Rinda whose writing and music tastes expose me to a whole new (and sometimes scary!) world.

4. Lady G~whose faith in God, and commitment to her family, is inspirational.

5. Darla another reading friend whose book reviews make me want to buy everything she suggests for my classroom. Which I probably will do come Fall.

Thank you, Rockin‘ Girls, for enriching the blogosphere (not to mention me).

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