Cicada Season

They say the seventeen year cicadas are coming this year. I stepped outside today, and it’s true. Look at all the cicadas I found…I mean, made. (I like the origami ones much better than the squishy ones!)

15 thoughts on “Cicada Season”

  1. I hope you were able to see the recent CBS Sunday Morning clip and Smithsonian article on physicist Robert Lang and his origami work.


  2. Ms. George, may flies? Ewww. Which are more gross, flies or bugs? I saw an article on Yahoo which said something about the zoo animals think candy is falling from the sky with the arrival of the cicadas.Mark, I saw the Smithsonian article which was amazing! I'm surprised I love origami so much when it seems that Math is a pre-requisite. The paper folds are all very specific and correct and mathematical, much like one of Bach's fugues. Robert Lang has such a talent! Leave it to a physicist, or mathematician, to know all the correct moves.


  3. The origami ones are much nicer. Yours are positively cute!I saw that article in the Smithsonian too! One of these days I have to learn origami. All I've made is a frog out of wrapping paper once.


  4. lol, I love the cicadas you made, Bellezza, I'll bet noone is looking forward to the arrival of the real ones, are they?Also wanted to let you know you won a book at my blog! Do let me know which one I can send you…I will also be writing you for your mailing address.


  5. My darling daughter, Still Waters does origami. She the "artsy", creative one. A couple of years ago, our church had a Japanese vacation bible school theme. For her class, Still Waters created a origami village. It was beautiful! It had willow trees, birds, a bridge, homes, people, flowers, the whole works. I took a picture of it, but have no clue where it's at. :o( Someone liked the village so much they took it. I'm not a bug person. I had never seen or heard of cicadas until we bought our property. One day while I was mowing, I felt something hit me hard. When I looked it was this gross, big bug. I freaked and jumped off the tractor. Good thing the tractor stops when you take your foot off the pedal. Otherwise it would of run into our home. Needless to say, now when I mow, I make sure none of my skin is exposed. The thought of a bug crawling on my skin, gives me the willies.Great job on your origami cicadas!


  6. I love origami anything, but you've got a great point – they're much quieter and less icky than the real thing. I used to catch those critters when I was a kid (the real ones). Ah, memories.


  7. bookfool, thanks for telling me! I went and bought one right away; they are just too cute not to own at least one. I think it'll be fun to put it on my desk at school. Maybe I should buy a few for home, too!


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