Paris in Juillet: Au Revoir

And so we come to the last day of July, and with it the closing of the event we have been celebrating all month: Paris in July. Of course this does not mean that all things francaise will be put aside for another year. Mais, non! 
I will still be reading what I can find from French authors; in fact, On The Rue Tatin will be recommended to the book club’s reading list by one of its most beloved members. My mother.
I will still be writing on postcards picturing Paris’ most beautiful scenes from obvious state.
I will drink cafe au laits, eat jambon sandwiches, and finish a meal with creme brûlée when it’s available.
And, there will never be a day I step out of the house without wearing a French perfume.
Which beings us to the announcement of who will win the fragrance give-away I hosted several days ago. The winner of the little beach scene, the Chanel No. 5 soap, and the Dior samples is Guiltless Reader. May you enjoy each item and long remember the month that was.
Paris in July.
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12 thoughts on “Paris in Juillet: Au Revoir

  1. Wonderful. I love perfume, but I am seriously allergic to it. Boo hoo. Even the packaging looks beautiful. I'm thinking that I'll still be working on Paris in July for a few weeks with my books. Plus, I'm hoping to have a Paris themed party with my book club after we finish reading The Greater Journey. We have to spread the Paris in July love!

  2. I love Chanel's packaging, so elegant in the white box with the black stripe which, like the fragrance, has not changed in almost 90 years. Wouldn't a Paris theme for a party be wonderful?! I once put samples of all my perfumes into little bottles for myf riend's daughter's birthday party. There was lots of polish and glitter going on, which I never experienced with my son. (Phew!) I'm sure your party will have lovely edibles rather than glitter.

  3. Ally, I'm so sorry to have only one prize. I drew names from my bowl to be as fair as possible, but it would have been nice to send everyone a little something. Thanks for participating in the event, my friend. xo

  4. I have a HUGE grin on my face right now! What a beautiful win! Merci, my dear Belleza — I will remember always July, Paris, and you when I use Chanel No. 5.

    So when are we all going to Paris for more books, more wine, and more Chanel? ;)

  5. I've decided to spend the rest of the summer in Paris. :) I'm still reading “We'll Always Have Paris” and plan to read the others in my stack until the day after Labor Day (which is when I believe summer truly ends).

    Enjoy On Rue Tatin I read it 7 (!) years ago and thought it was lovely.

    I adore that little beach scene from Chanel!

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