Snow. On Porch Railings and In Iron Lake.

by Bellezza

This is the view out of our family room window. It’s mild, and it’s lovely, and it’s been snowing every weekend so I’m getting a lot of reading done. Winter, as you may know, is my favorite season.
Les and I are reading Iron Lake by William Kent Krueger. It’s the perfect setting for this time year, sitting inside while contemplating this kind of scene:
“The storm that bent the pine trees and the tamaracks, that drove the snow plows from the roads and froze and snapped power lines was not an angry spirit. In its passage, it created chaos not because of anger but because it was so vast and powerful and those things it touched, especially those things human, were so small in comparison. In a way, it was like the bear that Cork had once hunted with Sam Winter Moon, huge and oblivious. If the storm, in fact, was responsible for the disappearance of the boy, Cork knew it was not a thing done maliciously. In his experience, only people acted out of pure malice.”
Love the winter. Love the mystery, and reading about the Native American tribes still living in the northern states. You have plenty of time to join us if you choose, if you love winter settings interspersed with the Winter Games.
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