What Can You Tell Me About Tumblr?

I’ve been playing around on Tumblr for quite some time now, and I’m interested in what I see. But, I have a few questions…
How do people leave comments unless the author of the blog installs Disqus?
Is it mostly about reblogging from other posts you like?
Do you have any experience, or any opinions, to share about Tumblr?
I’d love to know!


34 thoughts on “What Can You Tell Me About Tumblr?

  1. Can't wait to see what folks share here — I just started a tumblr and am not sure if I'm doing it right! Seems fun, but not sure if it is meant to be conversational or if people are just liking things.

  2. That's what I was thinking! I mean, how do you even leave a comment at all without Disqus?! Also, it seems that the material is rather 'avant garde' whereas I'm just a little lit blog… ;)

  3. I hate it. As one of my friends says, it's “highbrow Pinterest”. There's almost no interaction, and there's a good bit of content theft that's filling up those pages. I know people who use it as a source for cool photos for their blogs. They use them with no credit given, partly because – well, who knows where the orginal credit belongs?

    The “reblogging” function on WordPress is an attempt to mimic tumblr/twitter. I'm not impressed with any of it. Obviously, I'm out of step with the times. Fine by me.

  4. I go on there to browse images. I find a lot of fun things. And like the comment above I do use it for gifs for my blog and there is no one to credit. Really there isn't commenting on tumblr. BUT I follow I think 2 blogs that use tumblr for their blog host. They do an amazing job, here is one : http://almybnenr.tumblr.com/ She is nice and I met her in bloggiesta .. you could direct message her and I am sure she could help out!


  5. Linda, if there's anyone's opinion I trust, it's yours. Hibrow Pinterest, hilarious! It does resemble something like that, with all the photographs, and the idea of copying with no credit is anathema to me. I'll be out of step with the times along with you. Just as I am in most things. Except, you have to admit that we've done very well with incorporating technology into our lives in a meaningful way! :)

  6. Angie, thanks for leaving your thoughts and a link. I'll go check it out later tonight when I'm not at lunch time which is so limited. No commenting rather defeats a large reason for blogging, doesn't it?

  7. Audra, I'll have to come visit your tumblr blog and see what you've done. I get the feeling it's not meant to be conversational, which would make me sad not to have the opportunity to 'talk' with others.

  8. I'm not wild about it either, but at work I keep hearing abt how blogs are dead, tumblr is the future etc etc — and while I'm no luddite, I am kind of overwhelmed and unimpressed with tumblr. My experience so far has been that it's just gif city — commence eyeball roll — and, as you have pointed out — uncredited photos. (At least the lit blogs etc seem to have a source from where THEY grabbed something; I try to replicate that if I do share.) But it doesn't seem conversation until you literally title your post as a question — and then there's an opportunity to allow folks to comment.

  9. I haven't figured out the appeal of tumblr either. I've heard that it's meant for short posts but I don't see why you can't put a short post on a regular blog.

  10. All I know about tumbler is my 13 year old daughter and all her friends are into it. I try not to look much. I think she posts alot of One Direction stuff?

  11. I can see how Tumblr lends itself to a scrapbook effect. the blogs I've seen, and here weren't many I perused, seemed to be all about photographs. There wasn't a whole lot of content to accompany them, and no one could comment about what they read if there was. Hence my post: I didn't get it.

  12. I can't tell you anything about Tumblr because I don't use it. However, I owe you belated Happy Bloggiversary wishes. Hard to believe it's been *that* long, isn't it?

  13. These comments are all so great. I don't quite get tumblr either. It just seems so hipster-ish, which is so not me. I agree with Linda when it comes to this. No creativity or longish posts, it just seems to be full of pretty pictures. I am cursious though to see what you are going to do with your tumblr.

  14. My husband was shocked when I told him seven years as was I when I actually counted them up. No wonder I get bored or tired from time to time. But it's good to have friends like you and Les and Chris who have been with me all along.

  15. Stefanie, that's a great idea! I like the thought of using it as a reader's journal which would suffer from my blog because it doesn't have any reviews. After all, I often feel ill equipped to write about books for I can only rely on my own opinion as a reader, not as some illustrious professor or writer.

  16. It's been very interesting to see all the differing thoughts, hasn't it? I must say I'm no longer even considering a blog move after this discussion! :)

  17. The way it seems to me is that there are blogs; and then there is everything else – facebook, tumblr, instagram, pinterest. The four are quick and easy and fun, but blogs are (or at least the ones I read) are deeper, longer, more meaningful and heartfelt. One can 'talk' without interruption. Writing a blog post is truly like writing a letter (hence the title of mine!). Of course, people are saying blogs are dead; just like reading is dead and writing letters is dead. There's room in the world for all things, but I don't think there is time. I don't know how people keep up. Well, yes I do know. They carry their phones everywhere and check them constantly.

  18. I really liked tumblr for its easiness back then. It's quick-fix, when you only have time to blog for just two minutes a day. That was mainly its appeal to me. However, it's extremely hard to backtrack and navigate towards particular, singular posts when you want to unless you scroll down continually until you find it. Not very fun for people like us who thrive in organization. Also, too personal yet very impersonal. The only thing I really, really love there is that the templates are lovely and many of them just perfect. Still, not enough to keep have me stay. I thought it would be fun to keep something else less “bloggy” there, but I just thought it a waste of time, seeing as I'm struggling enough to keep time for my real blog. I do think I still have my account, I just have never checked it in a long, long time. Btw, missed you a lot. xx

  19. I find it difficult to work with even though in comparison to other platforms it's quite scaled down. I've never figured out a way to integrate it into my social media routine in a hefty way.

  20. I set up a tumblr account and then couldn't figure out what to do with it. Anything extra that doesn't go on my blog goes on my facebook fan page. It seems redundant to post there so it's mostly neglected. And then there's no way to comment, or is there?

  21. So nice to hear from you again, Claire! I know, the templates are beautiful! Still, they're not worth it if they won't stand up to a discussion between friends. :)

  22. Hello, sweet Nan, what an apt comparison: a blog post to a letter! Of course your blog is named as such, but sometimes I need to have the obvious pointed out. Let's stay with Blogger, shall we, since clearly fountain pens and parchment are gone forever… :(

  23. Oh yeah, social media…just one more time sucker for me. I have to limit myself to blogs and books or I'll never get any grading done. If you know what I mean.

  24. I've tried and checked out most formats and as you say if you like to converse blogging is your path. If I want to choose the shorthand version I use Pinterest, used to be Riffle but that just annoyed me with its lack of ways to communicate, also with pinterest and the use of multiple boards I can show other facets of myself through my alternate interests, but for expressing my love of lit a only a blog offers enough space to spread out relax and converse.

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