Farewell January, Hello February!

by Bellezza

The end of January brings my birthday, and my mother’s birthday; the cake which you see pictured above is her delicious creation for our celebration.
It also brings the end of the Japanese Literature Challenge 6. I did not read as much as I’d hoped to for my very own challenge, only completing the following novels: 
But, I comfort myself with more years to come in which to host more challenges and read more novels. I did not get to The Devotion of Suspect X, or The Square Persimmon, or The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories. Nor have I read enough classics such as Tony highlighted in his January in Japan challenge. Neither have I completed all of Haruki Murakami’s books such as listed in Tanabata’s Murakami Challenge. I will, in time.
What did you read? What was your favorite? I’m looking forward to your wrap up posts, or even reading what you mention in the comments below.
For now we turn to February. Ally and I are co-hosting the Venice in February Challenge again for 2013. I am planning on reading Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. I also want to read more of Donna Leon’s mysteries set in Venice, as well as Miss Garnet’s Angel which book blogger friends have highly recommended. Will you join us in reading novels set in Venice this February? We’d be delighted to have you as we celebrate Carnivale from afar…
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