Just Checking In

by Bellezza

It’s feels that it’s been ages since I wrote a post. Or visited friends. Or left any meaningful mark whatsoever in Blogland. Not sure that this post will be that meaningful, it’s more of an update. A state of the blog, if you will.
As of tomorrow, my son will be in San Diego for one week. We did receive a brief call from him last Tuesday that went something like this:
shouted at the top of his lungs in about five seconds flat. There was more, I’m sure, but that was all I could catch. My husband and I were trying to absorb his words and shout, “I love you, too!” into the phone, while wondering who it was, really, that we were talking to.
Amazingly enough, I have peace. It’s good to see him follow his dreams, become independent, pursue something honorable and difficult. It’s too easy to take an easy road. To settle for less than what you sought. Monday will be only the beginning of week two, but I’m proud of him for seeking to become a Marine.
What else…oh, yes. I’ve encumbered myself with gadgets. It isn’t enough that I had a first generation Nook, a Simple Touch Nook, and then bought the Nook HD. No, I had to return the later and buy an iPad mini.  I think the iPad mini by itself would be a wonderful tool, but it’s conflicting with my iPhone and my nooks to the point that now I don’t know what I want to read on. Or play on. At this point, the best thing for me to do is return to real paper and ink for awhile.
School did its best to bury us all with paper and ink this week as we filled in data on the children’s progress. I won’t even go into the bureaucratic mess that teaching’s become except to say that it coincides with the bureaucratic mess my husband faces every day as the IT director at our county, and the bureaucratic mess my father faced this week in renewing his real estate broker licence. We’re living in a land of bullshit synonymous with government and I’m not even going to apologize for swearing out loud here.
As for reading, I’m proud of myself for finishing four whole books so far this month. I must be on a roll because now I’m so enjoying The Strange Case of Origami Yoda with my class, Where The Mountain Meets the Moon for our One Book, One School selection, and Tad Crawford’s A Floating Life. More on these titles later, but for now I’m relieved to have found my reading groove again. It’s been too long.
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