Folding. Reading. Playing.

by Bellezza

I’ve been  folding origami doves for a shower present to give to my dear friend’s daughter.

They are a symbol of peace and good will, perfect for this time of year and marriage.

This particular model is a variation from one designed by Kunihiko Kasara,
and I think it looks lovely on the Christmas tree.
I also bought myself a Nook HD.
I was torn between the iPad mini and the new Nook, but I felt like the iPad mini would just be a big iPhone without the capability of calling anyone. I specifically wanted a device for reading, and that is why I decided on the Nook HD. Of course, I can check my email, I can surf the web, and I can blog on it. So maybe this is just another huge time sucker. But, I don’t care. I’m a Nook junkie, owning the first generation, the Simple Touch, and now this.
Between folding doves, and learning how to operate my new toy, Winter Break Christmas Vacation is sliding right by.
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