Of October Nights and Twinkling Lights

by Bellezza

Last night was the October meeting for my mother’s book club; she hosted the fête for Anna Karenina while I led the discussion. Such as that might be as several woman considered 400 pages read, of the 900 total, sufficient and therefore missed the entire reason for Anna’s death as well as Levin’s revelation. But more to come on that when Arti and I officially review the rest of the book at October’s end.
My mother used Greening apples which she’d purchased from northern Wisconsin over Columbus Day weekend to make the apple sharlotka, a recipe we found here. I cannot attest to the ease it may have taken her to make this treat, pictured in the foreground, but I can testify to its deliciousness. It is a lovely way to indulge oneself, especially in the fall, with a dessert which is not only fantastically yummy but actually good for you. I mean there isn’t any butter in the recipe, which is one of my favorite food groups, and I didn’t even miss it.

Tonight, a few colleagues and I met at Quigley’s, an Irish pub in our town, to discuss politics. Teaching. The Little Stranger. There was Earl Grey tea to be had, and fish and chips, unless one ordered the Shepherd’s Pie or lamb stew. On a dreary, drizzling, October evening, it was lovely to meet with friends even though we may differ on our political persuasion. Twinkling lights seem to overcome the darkness pervasive in this pre-election month. 
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