Sunday Salon: Catching Up

by Bellezza

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted; for me, anyway. Not only is there the start of school (preparing the classroom, re-connecting with my colleagues) there is the added excitement of my son’s announcement that he is joining the Marines. While I see much merit in his decision, not hastily arrived at, I’m also slowly adjusting to it. This mother? She’s a work in progress as much as her son.
As to those who were kind enough to leave a comment on the previous post, I can now inform you that Anna Karenina was indeed selected by our book club. Yippee! I’m all the more excited about reading it after seeing the trailer for the film when my husband and I went to see Meryl Streep in Hope Springs. (Now that film, like most well done comedies, had some serious sadness it! Marriage which has become that dormant must be the loneliest thing in the world. Worse, as she said in the film, than being alone.)
Anyway, Anna Karenina is slotted for October. I had decided to read it with sweet Arti, of Ripple Effects, who is kind enough to participate in another shared read with me after I abandoned the last book we read together (Midnight’s Children). We want to read it in October so that we can finish it before the release of the film on November 9. I’d love it if you’d care to read along with us.
And, my dear friend Les and I will be reading The Thorn Birds this September. We were discussing the possibility of rereading it last Spring when we both found ourselves nostalgic for some of our favorite novels. So, now’s the time. I’m sure we’ll post on The Thorn Birds the last week of September so we have plenty of time to read it. As always, you’re invited to read along with us.
I can feel myself moving away from the literature currently being published and leaning toward the classics so dear to my heart. For a long time, I’ve been blogging about what I had agreed to review with the publishers who contacted me. My life has been enriched by most of these books. But, I’m finding a longing for the classics, ever since reading Dostoevksy’s The Idiot this summer. I think I will spend more of my time with them going forward. I miss them.
Finally, please pardon my lack of comments, both here and on your own blogs. I opened my dashboard today to find one less follower; possibly because the content here is becoming dry. Possibly because I’m not doing so well in getting around to the blogs under my Friends and Book Lovers heading in the sidebar. At any rate, for those of you who stay, and visit, a very heartfelt thanks goes out to you.
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