Under Consideration

by Bellezza

The Book Club which has been the most meaningful in my life is my mother’s. When I was a child, the women met in our living room. As I lay in bed, I heard the laughing and clinking of forks, I smelled the cigarettes smudged with bright lipstick, and wondered what could possibly merit hours of such lengthy conversation. Now, as an adult, I know. For this group of women didn’t meet to socialize as much as to discuss. Discuss the heart of each novel they read.
Choosing the books was a very serious business. Now that I’m a full fledged member myself I partake in this solemn occasion every August, for that is when we have Book Choosing Night. Each member of the group brings titles for consideration. The books must be ones that the person who is suggesting has read herself, and they  must come in paperback so they are not too expensive for purchase. (Although in 2012, paperback editions seem to be more expensive than digital.)
At any rate, once the books have been presented, the voting begins. As there are only 11 months in which to discuss, the twelfth being the one in which we choose, there are 11 titles on which to decide.
So, what to suggest? I have read 67 books this year. 67, and I am hard put to find one I want to bring up to the group. Many are lovely, but do they merit a deep discussion? Or, are they so long that some members of the group, now quite a bit older, will balk at the volume?
Here is what I have decided; I have chosen books to suggest for which there will soon be a film. Consider the following:
Anna Karenina to be released November 9, 2012
The Great Gatsby, to be released Summer of 2013
The Hobbit, made into a trilogy, to be released December 14, 2012; December 13, 2013, and the summer of 2014

I’m anxious to see if the book club will choose any of these most worthy titles. Coming soon to a theater near you.

What would you choose? (I should have mentioned that I’ve personally read them, each one several times. These are books which are near and dear to me, although their genres differ. I’m so looking forward to what the films will be like in comparison to the original text. Hopefully, they won’t disappoint.)
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