Loved What I Read Here Today

by Bellezza

In case you haven’t seen Andi’s post, go read it.
She is piggy-backing on a post she wrote awhile ago here.
And I love what she’s saying. Because I felt this way myself before I took my Lenten Respite. There are so many ways that one can feel pressured as a blogger. Pressure which as I’ve referred to “turns one’s joy into a job”. Ain’t no body got no time for that!
What do we want as book bloggers? To read. To share literature. To build bonds of friendship over our common passions.
What we don’t want, most of us, is to focus on stats. Feel pressure from publishers, authors, or agents.
Andi says it better than I. But, I’ll long be smiling over her tagline: “Reading whatever I want, whenever I want…” Because it is our voice that needs to be heard in our blogs. No one else’s.
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