Excited About Armchair BEA (Book Expo America)

by Bellezza

which doesn’t even begin until a month from today! But by then I’ll be out of school and able to read (gasp!) and blog (gasp!) and cycle (gasp!) almost full time.
The schedule is listed here on the site, which I’ll briefly summarize here:
  • Monday, June 4: Introductions where participants answer five questions, provided by the Armchair BEA committee, and visit one another’s blogs.
  • Tuesday, June 5: Giveaways from bloggers, publishers, authors, etc.
  • Wednesday, June 6: Networking…in real life and how to become more involved with your book community.
  • Thursday, June 7: Beyond the Blog in terms of writing even deeper.
  • Friday, June 8: The Future of Book Blogging
Participant registration opens Monday, May 7, so be sure to visit Armchair BEA to sign up if you plan on participating this year.

I’ve already signed up to be a part of the commenting committee. Perhaps some year I’ll be able to participate in the real deal.

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