Origami Heart Bookmarks

Following the directions I found here, I made 28 Valentines for my class. They are little heart bookmarks, and I love them.

They aren’t hard, they just take some time. But, see how they look when you use them to mark your page?
So stinkin’ cute.

I love Valentine’s Day. Even though It’s Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown, almost makes me cry. Everyone should receive at least one.

27 thoughts on “Origami Heart Bookmarks

  1. That is gorgeous! We should have made some of those for our 'Library Lovers Day' at work. I'm sure your students will treasure them. :-)

  2. What a big-hearted teacher! One of the best ways to teach children to care beyond their own interests is to show them generosity just such as this. Something handmade just for them. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. You're such a wonderful teacher, Bellezza! I don't recall any teacher making Valentine's for students. And they are just lovely. That one looks real nice on the page too. I'd be so thrilled to get one if I were in your class. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day yourself!

  4. Arti, I don't recall any teacher every making Valentines for students, either. Precisely one of the reasons I became one 26 years ago. I thought, "Surely there have to be more compassionate people in the classroom than the ones before me now!"Thank you for your sweet words, all.

  5. They are lovely! I'm sure your students will appreciate your gift of love and remember it.My Japanese children I used to home teach often gave me little origami birds and I think all children enjoy the giving and receiving of handmade gifts. A happy day to you on Monday!

  6. It's gorgeous Bellezza, and I hope you have millions of it today and tomorrow as you give away them all! Happy Valentine's day my friend. :D

  7. How adorable, Bellezza! Home made Valentines are a family tradition around here. This year Ellie made the most adorable "Ellie-phants" out of paper hearts and googly eyes for every member of her class. I'll be so sad when she's too big for this annual project.*sigh*

  8. Those are beautiful, especially when you have them all clustered together like a bouquet! Naturally, I am sitting here wondering what book you used to display the single bookmark. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Naturally, I should have said what book I marked the page with! It's Wings Of A Dove by Henry James, but I haven't read it yet. I just grabbed what was closest.

  10. I was wondering the same thing as Bookfool! :) Beautiful bouquet of hearts, my friend. Your students are blessed. Hope you had a love-ly day.

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